BLVDing with The Duhes

We are big fans of college football in Cockrell-McIntosh and even bigger fans of our SMU Football team! Cookout with the Duhe family before home football games on the front porch of Cockrell-McIntosh Commons. Come grab a burger or hot dog, hang out with Cockrell-McIntosh residents, and get in the football spirit. Stay for a minute or stay for an hour, blvding with the Duhes is always a good time. Parents and Families are always welcome also.

Food and games usually start on the front porch of CM approx. 2 hours before the game is scheduled to start


2019 SMU Home Football Game Schedule

We will be have blvding with the Duhes for all of them except for the Nov. 30th game (as it is Thanksgiving Weekend)

2019 SMU Home football schedule.PNG