Cockrell Culinary Club

Sunday Nights: 6PM-8PM

Location: FiR Flat

Cockrell Culinary Club, in conjunction with Cockrell Eats, is FiR Sandy's signature weekly event.

Residents will sign up to be either the executive chief of the week or one of the Sous Chefs. The Executive Chef will work with Sandy early in the week to create a menu for that week's Cockrell Culinary Club. Then on Sunday from 6PM-8PM Sandy, the Executive Chef, and the Sous Chefs will cock the decided upon menu, which will then be enjoyed by all of CM at Cockrell Eats at 8PM.

Executive Chefs will change from week to week, but you can sign up to be a Sous Chef every week or just once.

Sign-ups for Executive Chef and Sous Chefs will happen during the first week of school via the weekly CM email (This Week @ CM).