Crest: The Laurel Wreath is typically symbolic of victory and often associated with academic achievement (for instance, the Poet Laureate). The wreath consists of 12 leaves, each one symbolizing one of the original 12 commons (including the originally planned Smith/Perkins commons, which is now part of upper division housing). The eighth leaf counterclockwise from the upper left represents Cockrell-McIntosh. The eight leaf represents Cockrell-McIntosh Commons because in the 8th month of the year school begins. Inside the wreath, the arches in front of Cockrell-McIntosh Hall are depicted. The sun rising symbolizes beginnings, and light (truth). Joseph Elmore Cockrell was a judge and involved with the Law School, which is why the swords are included, which traditionally symbolizes justice.

Motto: “Keeping it Classy Since 1964” is the Cockrell-McIntosh Commons motto. The residents of Cockrell-McIntosh wanted something that symbolized the history of the building (even before it was a Commons) and also reflected the community’s values.

Values: Hospitality, Advocacy, Integrity, Balance, Community Pride, and Sense of Belonging

Diversity Statement: We shall empower and defend the individual here in Cockrell-McIntosh Commons. We will respect and care for all members, in order to create an environment where members feel they have a safe space to explore, grow, and learn. To create a space where you can do you. We shall advocate for one another and challenge each other to think beyond our own points of views. We will lead with love and learning above all else.

Mascot: Richard the Rooster, technically his name is Sir Richard the Rooster III, but we loving just call him Richard.