The Faculty-in-Residence Family (FiR Family)


The Duhé Family

Brad Duhé, Super Dad-in-Residence

Dr. Sandy Duhé, Faculty-in-Residence

Mary Cathryn Duhé, Kid-in-Residence

Byron Duhé, Kid-in-Residence


Welcome to the Hilltop and Cockrell-McIntosh! We so look forward to having you in your new home away from home.

Sandy is a professor and chair of the Division of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs in the Meadows School of the Arts, and Brad is a utilities right-of-way attorney with Verizon. We grew up in Louisiana, met in college, and started our careers in different areas of the oil and gas industry. Between the two of us, we have enough experience, graduate degrees, and contacts to host a wide array of guests at CM who will be eager to help you along your own journeys.

We’re really into food and have a big, well-stocked kitchen, so bring your favorite recipes and your appetite! Our Cockrell Culinary Club takes place on Sunday afternoons when CM Executive and Sous Chefs prepare a meal we all enjoy when Cockrell Eats starts at 8 pm. Additionally, we’ll have pop-up dinners, cookouts, and Boulevarding (that’s tailgating at SMU) with our outdoor grill and seating area.

We like to stay active and look forward to sharing all the amazing experiences SMU offers with you. The FiR Flat is located off of the lobby CM on the first floor of the building.

If our door is open, come on in!


Byron Duhé

Byron Duhé is 12 years old. He is going into third form (seventh grade) at Cistercian Preparatory School. He like LEGOs, school, karate, Scouting, drawing, and doing random stuff. His favorite subjects in school are math, science, social studies, English lab, art, and Latin. His favorite foods are tacos, steak, and hot dogs. 


 Mary Cathryn Duhé

Mary Cathryn Duhé is ten years old, and is going into fifth grade at McCullough Intermediate School in Highland Park. She loves music, ballet, and unicorns! She likes to play games and play outside. She thinks it is very fun to make crafts and use DIY kits. She loves all animals, especially cats. 






Tipitina Duhé

Tipitina, the family cat. She also answers to Tipi, Tips, and Tipitat. She was adopted on Mardi Gras Day in 2004. Her human dad thought she looked like she was wearing a costume with a black mask and a stick-on tail, so he named her after a famous music joint in New Orleans. She loves food, naps, and very still, quiet people who pet her gently.