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The Cockrell-McIntosh Commons Council Meets weekly in the CM basement on Sundays at 9PM.

The Cockrell-McIntosh Commons Council is lead by the Commons Council President and the Executive Board, but is made up of all Cockrell-McIntosh Commons residents. The Commons Council is responsible for planning social programming within CM, advocating for students needs and wants, and helping to create a community that is welcoming for all. The Commons Council has their own budget and works to allocate those funds to accomplish their goals.

There are a number of ways to get involved with the Commons Council. We have a number of Chair Positions that are open that you can apply for our you can just be a general member who helps support Commons Council initiatives. No matter how much or how little you want to be involved, we hope you think about signing up to join the Cockrell-McIntosh Commons Council.

Cockrell-McIntosh Commons Council Chair Positions:

  • The Cockrell Classic Chair: The Cockrell Classic is a annual program that Cockrell-McIntosh hosts every year. The theme and timing of the program is up to the council members planning it that year (last year we did it in December and it was winter themed). This is a larger event that is open to all of the SMU campus.

  • Homecoming Chair: Every year Cockrell-McIntosh participates in SMU Homecoming. There are a series of events that happen during homecoming week that the chair is responsible for coordinating and attending. Homecoming is also part of the Commons Cups, so participation in events is extremely important.

  • Community Programming Chair: This person will help create and organize small weekly events in Cockrell-McIntosh for residents to attend. They can include movie nights, game nights, tie-die program, smoothie breakfast, etc.. Really anything that you think would help build community within Cockrell-McIntosh Commons.

  • Recognition Chair: This person is responsible for making sure that all the great people and events in Cockrell-McIntosh Commons get recognized. One of the ways is through OTMs (Of the Months), monthly nominations that happen on a campus level that is a nomination form for recognizing events and people in numerous categories. Winning an OTM counts towards Commons Cup points also. Other ways to recognize residents of CM might be through monthly birthday celebrations, other campus nominations, writing an article for the Weekly Campus, etc…

  • Cockrell Cares Chair: This person is responsible for organizing the monthly service trips that Cockrell-McIntosh participates in. They will work to select the monthly cause, set up the trips, and recruit people to participate. They will also help coordinate the Veterans Day Ribbons on the blvd. that CM does every year.

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