The building today that is known as Cockrell-McIntosh Commons was originally two separate residence halls built in 1964, Cockrell Hall and McIntosh Hall. In 1998 the two buildings were renovated and connected to create one large building that was known as Cockrell-McIntosh Hall. The connecting of the two buildings created a central lobby on each floor of the building that is used as both a social lounge and a study area.  In August 2014 when SMU launched the Commons System, Cockrell-McIntosh Hall was renamed Cockrell-McIntosh Commons and today houses just over 200 students.  



Cockrell Hall was named after Judge Joseph Elmore Cockrell (1859-1927). He was the former chair of the SMU Board of Trustees and was instrumental in the establishment of the Dedman School of Law at SMU. As the former President of the Dallas Bar Association, Judge Cockrell began discussions with SMU administrators regarding the law school in 1919. In Fall 1925, classes began at the School of Law with Judge Cockrell as the interim Dean.

McIntosh Hall was named after John Strayer “Dutch” McIntosh (1879-1945). Known as the “handsomest man on campus,” Dr. McIntosh was a Professor of Classical Languages and head of the Latin & Greek Department from 1915-1945. He was often found playing tennis with his students. He was Chairman of the Faculty Athletic Committee and served as President of the Southwest Conference. Dr. McIntosh also led the graduation ceremonies as the University Marshall from the first convocation in 1915 until he died in 1945.