Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders are second-year or third or fourth year students that live in CM and help residents navigate the University. Each Peer Leader has a differnt area of expertise. Peer leaders are appointed each Spring for the following academic year. 

Honors Mentors

The Honors Mentors build relationships with Honors students within CM in hopes of creating a strong Honors community within CM and connecting CM Honors residents to the the larger SMU Honors community. 





Beginning his second year at SMU and first year as the Vice President of Cockrell-McIntosh Commons, Adam hopes to graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Vocal Performance. In his spare time, Adam loves singing with the Southern Gentlemen of SMU and working on projects in the Lyle School of Engineering. However, some of Adam's favorite activities involve playing ping pong and other games with his friends in the basement of CM.


Maddie Oehler


Maddie is a sophomore originally from Los Angeles, California majoring in History, English, and Education. She’s a Dedman College Scholar and a member of the University Honors Program. When she’s not reading a good book, you can catch Maddie watching an old movie or hanging out with friends.


Peer Academic Leader (PAL)

The PAL helps other residents navigate academic challenges, empowering them to take ownership of their collegiate careers through mentorship and educational programming.


Sabrina Fleming


Sabrina is a sophomore from San Mateo, California (15 minutes outside San Francisco), and is planning on double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Math and minoring in Chemistry. In her free time she enjoys watching old movies, reading in the sun, singing opera, and dancing with SMU’s Ballroom dance team. 


Wellness Champion

The Wellness Champion helps educate their fellow CM residents about college lifestyles and wellness issues in a positive, interactive, fun, and nonjudgmental manner.

Taylor Wallace


Taylor is a sophomore from Frisco, Texas. She is majoring in Biophysics with a minor in mathematics and is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and a Certified EKG tech. She is on the Pre-Med track and loves to talk about health and medicine. She currently works in SMU’s LUMINA laboratory and during her free time enjoys hanging out with friends, watching Grey’s Anatomy and Volunteering.