Yearly on-going Competition 

The SMU Commons Cup is a yearly competition between the 11 Residential Commons. Over the course of the year, each commons participates in various events and competitions which are worth points. Then, at the end of the year, the commons with the most overall points is the winning commons and is presented with the Commons Cup (who doesn't like a shinny trophy in their building lobby). CM has yet to win, but maybe this will be our year!

Commons Cup Events

The Commons Cup is made up of a number of different events throughout the year and those events change from year to year. However there are always two events that are always part of the Commons Cup: Intramural Sports and RC Games.



RC Games is an evening of fun and competition between the 11 Residential Commons. Residents of each commons compete a number of a number of "games" both physical and mental in the SMU Dedman Rec Center. Over the course of the evening each team receives points for coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in each competition. At the end of the night points are tallied and an overall winner is named (CM won the overall competition in 2015 and has always placed 1st in at least one of the evenings individual events). 


Intramural Sports

We are only slightly athletic (and competitive) here in CM...yeah right..we are extremely athletic and competitive. Which is why we love intramural. The Residential Commons Intramural League allows residents of each commons to compete against one another in numerous sports throughout the year. Whether you are an amazing athlete, have never played the game before, don't want to play but want to cheer the team on,  or just want to wear a cool bandanna, make sure that you sign up to participate in CM Intramural Sports, it is always a good time regardless if we win or lose, but we usually win. Look for sign up opportunities in the CM weekly newsletter.